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MEA Capital Investment

We are an investment company in the form of a capital stake in African companies. We may also acquire bond borrowings or convertible stock options. Our interventions comply with the standards of all financial professions in terms of prudence and safety.

Head Office

Office No. 12, 7th floor, Amenity Center,
P. O. Box 2436
United Arab Emirates.

Our registered capital is USD 250,000,000

WAT Company

A public limited company at Benin with a share capital of one hundred Million (100.000.000) of CFA Francs, which develops activities of transit formalities, customs clearance, rerouting (transport) on all destinations, but also any other form of logistics such as warehousing, inventory management, tracking goods. For professional reference, the shipping company CMA-CGM entrusts it the majority of their operations of formalities transit regarding the rerouting of their containers in BL “Direct” on the Hinterland.


A public limited company at Benin with a share capital of one billion (1,000,000,000) CFA Francs, whose main activity is the construction of hotels on the African continent, especially in the countries of West Africa. We manage the construction, renovation or restoration of buildings and the realization of all public works and the promotion and management of real estate.


Exclusive distributor of Nestlé in Togo

A Public Limited Company at Togo with a registered capital of one billion (1,000,000,000) Francs, whose main activity is import-export, providing all services in construction, Transit, hotels, Feneral trade and Commercial representation.

What is the relationship between APS COMMODITIES SA BENIN and LE SAUT TOGO?

APS COMMODITIES SA BENIN was a shareholder in Le SAUT TOGO before selling these shares to MEA Capital Investment.

Our Approach

The privileged relationships of its leaders with the business world allow it to benefit from the support of the main players: sovereign wealth funds, Western investment funds, powerful industrial groups, financial institutions, private investors, business angels, etc.

In terms of investment, MEA intervenes directly through the use of its own resources. It can also act in association with other investors in two forms: mandated investors and independent investors.

  • Mandated investors entrust their funds to MEA, which combines them with its own resources to invest them. It is a kind of FCI (Common Investment Fund) managed under mandate by MEA. The role of associate in funded projects is fully delegated to MEA. The remuneration of the funds of these investors is the same as the total return on investments of MEA, in proportion to the dates of delivery of the funds for the last financial year. The participations are negotiable allowing investors, subject to payment of an exit fee, to sell their capital to other investors
  • Independent investors, unlike mandated investors who delegate their roles as associates to MEA, intervene in all stages of financing from the study phase to the start-up phase as well as the monitoring of funded projects. They invest directly as partners and exercise all the rights and assume all the duties arising from their investments.
Investments target the main activity sectors: agriculture, fishing, health, training, tourism, industry, energy, new technologies, environment, transport.

Particular care is given to projects that will advance Africa technically and technologically to ensure their sustainability and promote them as examples to follow.

Our Story

The company is in the start-up phase. Details of significant investments and updates will be provided every year.


Our Strategy


In addition to direct contacts or via the website with investors and entrepreneurs, MEA Capital Investment builds partnerships with major players working in Africa to gain access to the best investment opportunities.


MEA Capital Investment will remain on the lookout and constantly look for opportunities to expand its circle of partners and establish and enlarge its influence in its geographic sector, which is all of Africa.

Our Team

Mr. Salif Ouedraogo

Mr. Salif Ouedraogo


Ambition, Resilience and Humility define Mr Salif OUEDRAOGO. He is self-taught and one of the essential personalities of the West African sub-region, his career and his various projects contribute to what becomes an economic operator of foreground, he is a business executive with 25 years of experience in the international business community.

He plays a leading role in creating and structuring transactions in Africa, which has generated millions of flows and job creation on the continent.

He is a highly sought after advisor, being a recognized authority in the financial, electrical / energy, agricultural, construction, infrastructure development, agri-food, agricultural inputs and hospitality sectors.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is Chairman and CEO of the API Holding group.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is the Director of the company “Le Saut Togo SA”, distributor of Nestlé products in Togo.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is also the manager and owner of the Nobila Airport hotel in Cotonou, Benin as well as the manager of Nobila Energy, specialist in energy solutions.

He takes this opportunity to renew his thanks to all his partners who have trusted him in his field. He says he is ready to put his expertise at the service of the entire African continent and the rest of the world.



Executive Director – Relationship Manage

With an illustrious banking career spanning over 30 years with Citibank in New York and Geneva, Mr. Diallo’s banking model has been adopted by Citibank in Africa resulting in USD 600 million in donor flow.  In addition, Mr. Diallo was instrumental in establishing Ecobank in UAE, serving as its MD along with several other prominent board positions including serving as the Managing Director of Sahara Financial Management Services, Vice-Chairman of Signature Africa Ventures Ltd. (USD 1.5 billion private equity), and Director of Global Finance and Capital Ltd.  Mr. Diallo also serves as Board Member of United Capital Plc (subsidiary of UBA Group). He is fluent in (English, French, Fulani, Wolof) languages.

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